Agility Dog Equipment

Agility is an important part of dog obedience training. Most people merely concentrate on training their dogs to obey a few commands and tricks, but that is definitely not enough. Dogs need to be sprightly creatures and that is why dog agility training becomes important. But, in order to train your dog the right kind of agility tricks, you will need to have the right kind of agility dog equipment.

Dogs are capable of several feats if trained properly. The following are some kinds of agility dog equipment that are commonly used and what they are capable of teaching your dog to do.

Jump Hoops

These are very common equipments. There are different sizes of hoops available, which are suitable for dogs of different sizes. The hoops are meant to be held a little distance above the ground and the dog is supposed to jump through them. The hoops are made of a sturdy material so that they do not buckle under pressure when the dog hits them due to misjudgment.

Weave Courses

A weave course is a simple set of short poles that can be fixed on the ground. Dogs are supposed to weave their way through them. The poles can be set apart at adjustable distances depending on the size and agility of the dog. Usually, the trainers will first teach the dogs how to weave their courses by demonstration and very soon the dogs will pick up the technique.


Seesaws used as agility dog equipment are much similar to the seesaws that are found in parks for children. Dogs are meant to stand at one point of the seesaw and slowly move to the other point. In the process, the part where the dog stands will keep moving downwards due to gravity, giving the dog good exercise.


Tunnels meant for dog agility lessons come in various ways. There are tunnels that stay freestanding over the ground. Dogs can wind their way through these tunnels – they will enter through one end and come out of the other. There are also tunnels that are freestanding at the point of entry but collapsed a little further on. These are a bit more difficult for the dogs to maneuver, but give them good agility training.


Dogs can learn balance and agility both with ramps. A typical ramp will have an incline, a horizontal area and a decline. The dog has to get on them through the incline, walk over the entire area and then come down from the decline. Most of these ramps are adjustable, others can be adjusted for height by keeping books of other items below them.

There are dog agility classes where you can plan on enrolling your dog at least for a short period. The dog will learn various tips and tricks here that you won’t find in any book. But, if you are ready to spare the time and the effort yourself, the agility dog equipment will surely help you a great deal.

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