Close Correlation Between City Growth and MSA Growth this Decade

While there is all kind of debate regarding city vs. suburb growth, this decade has seen metro health increasingly tied to core city health.  The correlation between population growth in core cities and their respective MSAs for the 2010’s is .90, which is exceptionally high.   This holds up for the Sunbelt, the West, the […]

Why are There So Many Low Density Cities Below 36’30”?

Have you ever wondered why so many cities in the South and Southwest have such low densities?  Is it history?  The heat?  Agricultural tradition?  Growth during times of car domination? I’ve been looking into this a bit more to figure some of this out. Low Density and Low LatitudesIf you look at the core cities […]

Right-to-Work States Lead Midwest Job Creation

Over the last three years, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin enacted Right-to-Work laws, and today, these three states lead the Midwest in job creation.  At 2.7%, Michigan is adding jobs at a rate faster than the national average, and Metro Detroit employment is growing at nearly double the rate of Metro Chicago.While it’s obviously not clear […]

The New Economy – Bikini Waxes, Car Repairs, and Emergency Rooms

So many cities today claim that they’re centers of health care and education.  And as far as I can tell, they’re all right.   In an economy defined by electronic communication, face-to-face communication has become the scarce resource that defines job growth, from retail to health care to teaching to construction to real estate agents to nail […]