Dog Digging Behavior

Most times it becomes a dilemma for you to think whether you love your prized petunias more or your cute collie. Dogs have an inherent trait to keep digging in the earth as far as their paws can go sometimes. What they do it for is part of the infinite unknown that exists in our universe. But since you cannot remove this trait from your lovable dog, the least you can do is impart them with some behavior digging dog training. You save your petunias and you also give your dog its natural enjoyment if you do that.

What you dog must really learn is how to control the habit. This you must know too. You cannot remove the habit entirely from your dog, but you can train them to modulate it. You can train them to dig only in some places that are meant for them to dig. It is a good idea to have a sandbox in your garden where they can dig freely, or to have a space in your garden where digging is permitted for them. You can even have plants in this area. Think about planting something like roses which have thick, sturdy roots. These plants will not be harmed much even if your dog indulges in his favorite pastime.

Begin teaching dogs how to control their digging when they are puppies itself. Most people let a puppy dig freely wherever he wants to just because he looks oh-so-cute when he is at it. But this habit grows as the puppy grows and the digging will become more and more furious. That is when the habit ceases to be cute and becomes a problem. Telling them firmly but without anger that you do not approve of their digging habit is a good way of getting them out of it.

One of the most important pars of behavior digging dog training is understanding why the dogs dig in the first place. In most cases it is because the dogs are feeling ignored. Digging is a way of driving their master’s attention towards them. Another reason might be that the dog is feeling quite bored and wants some activity. It may also be that the dog is just inquisitive and wants to know what kinds of secrets lie under the earth. You, as a trainer, can help prevent their digging habit by implementing the following tricks:- 1. Restrict their access to your garden as much as possible. Instead, take them to a park outside regularly. 2. Keep them occupied. If they are busy for a few hours each day doing some interesting tasks, digging won’t be quite as fascinating for them. 3. Invest in some dog agility equipment. This keeps the dogs sufficiently exercised and also tires them out. They won’t want to indulge in another physical activity like digging the day they undergo agility exercise. 4. Keep tracking the places they love to dig. Just don’t plant your favorite plants in those regions. It is also a good idea to earmark that area for your dog’s digging pleasure and make sure he understands it.

Mostly, remember that dogs dig wherever they are present on the planet, be it Kansas City or Kyoto. You cannot take away this habit from them. But, with the help of the right kind of behaviour digging dog methods, implemented when they are still young, you can surely convert your pet into a fine animal.

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