Dog Obedience Tips

Dogs are intelligent creatures but with a short attention span. This is one of the most important free dog obedience tips that you need to remember. But if you consider training a dog to be like training a baby, it will be a very good way to approach the task. There is one big difference though. Dogs cannot be as communicative as babies are. Hence, you will need to be much more careful when you are trying to train or teach good discipline to them.

There are some definite ways to conduct your dog obedience training. People who do not employ the right kinds of tactics are not able to train even basic tasks to their dogs. Here are some of the most useful dog obedience tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. First and foremost, you need to show your dog who’s boss. This is important because dogs live in the pack in the wild and always have a leader to guide them. Though your dog might be domesticated and is living in an apartment, that mentality will surely still be present. You have to show that you are the leader. You can do this by having an authoritarian and a commanding voice. When your dog is doing something it shouldn’t, just commanding them to “Stop!” in a loud and clear message carries the message across.

2. Be patient with your dog, at least when you are training them something on the first day. Remember that every lesson needs to be taught well on the first day itself, or it will never be learnt. If you are training your pet K9 to follow a command, train it fully how to perform it. Do not leave things midway. With dogs, the partial approach does not work.

3. You certainly need to have love for your dog. Treat them as part of the family, but always keep the “leader of the pack” impression intact. However, when your dog does something commendable, do praise them. Just a simple pat on the back or a good word will also suffice. Dogs can understand such human gestures.

4. A dog that is in the kennel most of the time will never learn things. It has to become reactive to the environment or else it will turn out to be a weeping and whining creature. Make it a point to take it out often even when it is just a puppyand even if it is just a round in the neighborhood.

5. Never punish your dog. Keeping them locked in a room, smacking them, depriving them of their food are all old-school methods of canine training and they never work. They will only make your dog more reticent and fearful of you, which means they will not respond to your training. The American way of training a dog is to express love and affection for the animal along with a display of authority. You have to learn this fine line of balance and apply it to puppies and mature dogs alike.

6. Every dog is motivated by some special thing. It can be food or praise or a walk in the park chasing butterflies. You must find out what it is that pulls at the heartstrings of your dog and then try to give it to them when they have done a good task. This approach works; they will be motivated to perform an encore of the task.

Most importantly, remember that dogs are imminently trainable creatures, but they need to be handled in the right manner. These are basic dog obedience tips, but they will help you a lot in understanding and training your beautiful pet.

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