Golf Hanheld GPS and Golf GPS Watch

Previously, you saw a lot of golfers with a laser rangefinder. Nowadays you get a lot more information on the course using GPS. A golf GPS system is a very simple way to improve your golf game. You’ll also see more and more hobby golfers playing golf with a GPS system, in most cases, it is a wave device that you can attach to your golf bag or a golf watch that you carry around your wrist.

Especially golf watch is a popular gadget among golfers and offers depending on the model lot of opportunities to improve your golf game. On most golf GPS systems, it is possible to see the distance to the hole and obstacles on the golf course as water hazards and bunkers. Also, some of these GPS systems include the ability to keep track of the scores, and to link with your smartphone. In this article, we discuss the possibilities of golf GPS and which brands and models are popular among golfers.

Golf Handheld GPS Systems

It looks like a standard navigation system like you have in the car and by bicycle. Nevertheless gives a wave navigation much more information than just the route. Naturally, it is one and the other depending on the model, but most of the golf navigation systems provide an exact distance to the hole. Also between distances are easily pick out. Very useful to determine which club you are going to hit the ball. Some systems are so detailed that you have a list of obstacles on the track, for example, bunkers and water hazards. The systems have over 30,000 pre-programmed courses and free map updates. The messing with paper scorecards over, for example, the Garmin GPS G7 keep the scores for several players, also linking it to your handheld smartphone and can display these e-mails and text messages. Another great feature of this golf GPS system is that you can record how far you hit a particular club, so you can get advice in the course of which club you can beat the best.

We already have a ball beaten several times with a Garmin GPS system and recommend this brand then also. They regularly come to be well up to date with new models and maps.

Golf Watches

However, the ultimate golf gadget remains a golf watch. Complete game navigation in a stylish and sporty watch. What most features of conventional wave device also sit on a golf watch is convenient however you right on the spot with a golf watch is from where you are going to hit. The watch felt like a regular watch on your arm and hindered you not in your movements. Besides navigation and tracking scores you some immediately read your e-mails and SMS messages. The Garmin S6 is currently the most advanced golf watch. Besides a beautiful color with a clear course view, you can measure your swing speed and how hard you hit. Using the watch you train to get more consistency in your stroke. Also, you can glance at distances up to for instance a bunker and the green. The golfer gets excellent reviews and also by us positively reviewed.

At every golf course, there is a sign with information about the hole you’re playing at the teeing ground. How many meters is the flag and where the water hazards and bunkers you want to bypass? While walking the path miss that information, which you sometimes make a wrong choice by far to save or too short. There is also some brands electronics design wave navigation systems, but since you want to have your hands free and do not always want to be in your bag is such a device is not always convenient while golfing. Therefore introduced some brands of golf watches recently. Lightweight watches where you can read information about the job. We discuss in this article the three top models from Garmin, TomTom, and Neo. So you can compare easily what golf watch suits you.

Wave functions: Golf faster and better with one of the intuitive GPS golf devices from Garmin with precise distance measurement and extended wave functions for thousands of international golf courses.

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