How to take care of Fastpitch softball bats?

Nowadays, a large number of softball bats are made of aluminum or composite materials. Almost all of them have a limited number of hits. Therefore, in order to maintain their long-term performance, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and learn some tips for your bat’s proper care.

Breaking in

If your bat is made of aluminum, you do not need to break it in, because aluminum softball bats are already hot even before taken out of the wrapper. Composite-barreled bats, however, are to be hit around 150-200 to perform at their peak. It is essential that you start hitting at just 50% power and then increase the strength of your swings gradually. You should also remember to rotate the bat about a ¼ inch every time you make a swing ensure your bats are fully broken in.

Weather and Temperature

According to popular belief, composite fastpitch softball bats stand a greater risk of weather than alloy fastpitch softball bats. Many companies even have suggested minimum temperatures in which you should use each type of bats. However, you are recommended not to use your bats, whether it is made of composite materials or amorphous alloys, under 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius due to the fact that the ball will become harder in colder weather. If you want to play softball when it is cold, use best fastpitch softball bats made of aluminum or titanium/graphite.

Besides, metallic bats are also vulnerable when used in extreme heat, so you should use a different fastpitch softball bats when the temperature exceeds 110 degrees.

In case you want to know specific recommendation, please check with Fastpitch Softball Bats manufacturer before using your bats in cold or extremely hot weather.

What are the Right Balls?

Choosing the proper balls is an important factor to lengthen your bat’s lifespan. Make sure to hit dry, leather balls, because wet softball can weigh much more than the dry ball. Higher-compression balls are also not recommended. The likelihood is that these balls will create more dents on your bat than standard balls will. In short, you should avoid hitting higher density balls than standard ones.

Wax – Whether Should I Use it or Not?

The composite manufacturing process always includes certain scratches, added by others during normal use. Some people who own a bat usually use car wax to make the scratches less noticeable, but it can be considered as illegally using the foreign substance. Don’t you remember that a good composite softball bat need around 150-200 hits to be evenly broken in, and the purpose you bought it is for use, so let’s regard the scratches as an evidence that you’ve been used it as intended.

Proper Storage

Protect your bat against extreme heat of areas such as the trunk of your car or high temperature. The plastic end-cap of softball bats will expand differently from metal/composite ones and then contract as they get cooler, leading to the bat’s end-cap failure.

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