Swing Talk Golf Swing Analyzer Review

I simply received the particular Swing Talk Golf Swing Analyzer through GolfZon and feel fairly impressed with this particular small device that may provide all of the required feedback to investigate, proper and enhance your swing action. Read the following golf swing analyzer reviews and you will be able to select the best one


When the Swing Talk arrived I was amazed at how small the packaging was first. It had been just this perfectly designed clear plastic material tube-very much reminded me of an Apple company product in it is clear and revolutionary design.

In the pipe included the specific gadget that attaches in order to the very best of any kind of club, the USB cable and an instant Start Guide.


Before you decide to do whatever you have to charge the machine using the USB cable offered. You understand it’s getting once you see the red-colored lighting privately from the unit. When completely charged the lighting will turn off.

Right after it’s charged, make sure to browse the instructions due to the fact when you have the application installed on your own cellular device and you are attempting to sync (or pair) the Swing talk, you won’t sync (it pairs/syncs via Bluetooth).


Once I very first downloaded the particular app and examined the UI (user-interface) it had been a little unsatisfactory. It’s developed inside a blue/ dark /gray color scheme that will simply seems a little “sterile” or “medical” if you ask me for a golfing app – I am unable to state I was a lover of this.

The Unit

Just how does Swing Talk really work its miracle?
Well, a Gyro is had by it Sensor and accelerometer installed in order that it can trace your golf club’s trajectory in 3-dimensions. This enables to track all of the important data factors which will enable you to observe, evaluate & most importantly, enhance your swing.

On the Range

Among the things I must say I liked is how little and light he or she actual unit is. It weighs a 10 measly. It is five grams actually, just as much as a couple of teaspoons of sugar. I really just place this in my wallet plus headed off to check it. You nearly forget it’s presently there.

One thing to note is usually that you cannot possess the particular heel of one’s hands touching these devices since it apparently won’t go through properly. I get my fingers very on top of the hold so that it felt like we experienced to choke down on all my night clubs.


I think that’s where the Swing Talk analyzer really shines — its in-depth information and analysis.

After you have tested a golf club it automatically gets tracked so that you can review it later. For instance when I visited the number, I logged 12 various 7-iron swings. Right now once i return back into the application I could select “My Data ” and appearance up the day I did so the test. See the session number you’ll, golf club, swing tempo percentage and swing velocity. You may also access by picking simply the club you need further data on.


Overall, I am happy using the Swing Talk Analyzer as well as the wealthy set of information it is possible to extract out of this small but effective device. If the user- user interface was a little bit even more intuitive the product would easily become 5 stars (out of 5 stars).

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