Why Should Your Child Do Ballet Class?

As a child, you may have been one of those little girls who have been enrolled by their parents in ballet classes. You may have liked it or you may have hated it. Now that you are a parent, it does not matter whether you have succeeded in this or not, because you are now considering enrolling your own child in ballet classes.

There are many different types of dance class that you could choose for your child, so why should you pick a traditional form such as ballet instead of something that’s more modern such as popping, or fun like disco? In many respects when compared against these other forms of dance, ballet does seem old fashioned, but within that traditional format there are many benefits that your child can benefit from.

Why Ballet?

First and foremost, it teaches poise and grace to the dancers. Little girls are taught how to stand up straight and walk with their heads help up high. This allows them to maintain their posture at all times. People who maintain a good posture are able to enhance their confidence level especially when walking in public. This provides them with a positive attitude and confidence that they can later apply in life.

Exercise is often something today’s children aren’t keen on. Ballet may be a graceful flowing dance style, but it involves many hours of stretching and toning. Your child’s muscles will be gently stretched and toned as they learn their basic steps and barre work. Their body strength will improve as will their flexibility and balance.

More than just Dance

Ballet will challenge your child in many ways. They will learn not only how to dance gracefully, but along the way they will learn unfamiliar words, memorize how to carry out specific step patterns, and remember choreographed routines. They will also learn that the more they do something, they will improve – perseverance is a great life skill!

Creativity is often an important and yet ignored component of a school curriculum. It’s a poor cousin to both academic subjects and sports participation. Yet creativity is proven to have great benefits to children in terms of their emotional well-being, and ballet dance is a way of letting your child creatively express themselves.

The benefits of ballet class are numerous. Your child can benefit from improving their physical and emotional health while at the same time learning about discipline and respect in an environment where this is taught through traditional routines and strict protocol rather than anger and frustration. They will develop can-do positive attitudes that will set their personality traits in place in preparation for adulthood – could there be a more positive reason to enroll your child in ballet?

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